Graupner Scimitar Speed

Here’s my boat from back in the day, a Graupner Scimitar Speed. It’s from the golden age of Graupner watercraft. I have it since 1987, when I got it from Santa (good old Santa). It was used a lot back then, but lucky enough it made its journey through the time capsule without damage. In the last couple of weeks I gave it a major overhaul, including replacement of damaged parts. The electronics were still working, but the mechanical speed controller was missing. I could find a replacement on ebay and voila, my boat is in period correct condition again! I even have my original Graupner D4 radio, which also made the time journey. Please find more pics here.

The boat is modeled after the ‚Scimitar‘ made my Glastron Carlson from 1980 to 1984. They were outstanding in workmanship and design. More info about these can be found here.

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